About me…

DavidWhite PR 2013I write mostly about some combination of healthcare, analytics, and IoT. To be perfectly honest, I’ll probably write about anything else that piques my interest too…hopefully you’ll find something stimulating.

I have over 20 years experience that ranges all over the enterprise technology map.  The formative years of my career were spent with Oracle in sales and marketing roles.  From there, I worked in marketing for several technology vendors, big and small.  My aim was always the same – to help sales teams sell more.  Lately, I worked as an industry research analyst focused on business intelligence, analytics, and the Internet of Things for the Aberdeen Group and ARC Advisory.

Currently, I work in the product strategy and marketing team for Philips Connected Sensing.  We’re striving to both cut the cost, and improve the quality of healthcare – something that badly needs to happen.  Because, in spite of the care and dedication of thousands of healthcare professionals, the current healthcare delivery model is unsustainable.  We need to fix that, for our kids and everyone who comes after us.

David White.